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Has technology ever let you down? As a business owner, there are so many things to juggle. The last thing anyone wants, is to start working and their computer crashes or is super slow.

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It's also frustrating when you don't know who to call. This is why it is our mission to provide stress free solutions. We understand the importance of efficiency and security.


In today’s environment, technology needs to be efficient, secure and quick. Keeping your network secure will provide peace of mind so you can worry about other company priorities. Let us help keep your systems up to date, secure, and efficient.

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IT Support

HamTECH IT Support
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Still not sure if you want to outsource your IT department?

The answer comes down to whether or not your organization is experienced and able to handle the following:


  • Password Management - Ensure passwords are strong and secure and multi factor authentication is used where possible. Regularly change passwords, and make sure they are not shared.


  • System Access Control - Remove system access from people who no longer need it, and limit access to only those needed to do their role. Administrator privileges are provided on a limited, as-needed basis.


  • Secure Wi-Fi & Devices - Secure your wireless network. Ensure staff members limit the use of public wireless networks with mobile devices and that a VPN is used. Never leave information physically unattended – secure electronic devices.


  • Legitimate Software - Only download/install programs from a trusted source. Create a whitelist of authorized software applications. Disable untrusted Microsoft Office macros and block or uninstall flash and Java.


  • Patches and Anti-Virus - Ensure all mobile devices/operating systems/software have the latest available security updates and run daily anti-virus/ malware scans.

  • Clean Devices - Ensure USB or external hard drives from unfamiliar source are not used.


  • Email - Ensure spam filters are used for email. Be wary of downloading attachments or opening links in emails you have received in case it is a ‘phishing’ attempt.

  • Daily Backups - Ensure off-line, incorruptible, and disconnected backups are completed daily.

  • And More task

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