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Is it important to have a Website?

It goes without saying, absolutely Yes! Pew Research found that only 11%  of the 326 million people currently living in America, don't use the Internet. Meaning you could be losing business if you don't have a website or if your website is out of date.

There are many more reasons it is important to have a website:

  • A website improves customer service

  • It increases trust factor

  • It operates when your staff is not available

  • It enhances both the image of your business and professionalism

Interesting Thought:

If you deal with an aging demographic, 66% of the 65+ group use the Internet.

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We Offer:

Wix Expert

Web Hosting


Search Engine Optimization


Marketing Data Analysis

Logo Design

Professional Business Logo

Brand Strategy

Marketing Plan & Goals

Email Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy

Sources: Pew Research, Forbes, and Other