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Compliance | HIPAA + Cybersecurity

HamTECH Solutions offers HIPAA Management, Coaching, and Consultation to medical clients and business associates. We offer a number of HIPAA solutions that help our clients and business associates to become HIPAA compliant. 

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Organizations can choose either annual or monthly support to achieve compliance. We help physical therapists and rehabilitation practices, physicians, medical collection agencies, mental health practices, HIT companies, and more. We provide tools needed to comply with HIPAA, which includes the HIPAA Compliance Portal.


The HIPAA program was developed by experts knowledgeable of HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules, cybersecurity, and employee training. HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

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Why HIPAA Management?

Healthcare organizations are on the hook for making sure their information is protected. These responsibilities include:


  • Maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of ePHI

  • Protecting ePHI from threats

  • Protecting ePHI from unauthorized use and disclosure

  • Training employees to stay compliant with the rules.


Complying with these regulations can be time consuming and resource intensive. Most practitioners are overwhelmed with other regulations and billing requirements that HIPAA can easily be overlooked or forgotten.


With HamTECH Solutions's help, HIPAA Compliance can be achieved.

HamTECH Solution's Approach

To be compliant with HIPAA, a risk assessment must be performed either annually or whenever a security-impacting event occurs, but this is one of many steps:



Every organization is different. Applying a cookie cutter approach to every organization will ensure missed gaps.


Planning includes gathering information about the organization’s existing privacy and security protocols, EMR practices, employee access, and ePHI (electronic protected health information) use and disclosure methods.


Now that we have a better understanding of the organization, we can perform a risk assessment.



HamTECH Solutions will visit the practice and review the practice’s current privacy and security issues. These steps can significantly decrease the likelihood of a breach and ensure that “best practices” will be implemented.


Performing a security risk assessment will identify and assist in addressing an organization’s risks and security gaps.


Once the risks and security gaps have been identified and prioritized, HamTECH Solutions can assist in implementing policies and procedures that will provide guidance for management and employees.



HIPAA mitigation includes reviewing the findings from the assessments, putting together a plan, and implementing the plan.



Mitigation is an ongoing process and requires continuous monitoring and management.


HamTECH Solution's HIPAA Coaching Program, will help to reduce risks and save both time and resources.

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Let us help you with your HIPAA Risk Assessment!

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