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HamTECH Solutions was birthed from the desire to help! The founder, Ariane Parham, worked at a private practice in Macon, GA. He was responsible for the network, EMR, and other services throughout Mid to South Georgia in multiple locations.

Our mission is to HELP

our  clients  be efficient

and secure by providing stress free solutions and raising up exceptional talent.

After realizing that other practices were not as fortunate, Ariane wanted to help other medical facilities with limited resources.

Slowly but surely, HamTECH Solutions began updating systems for other medical offices. Clients invested in cybersecurity, employees learned, and practices became better with HIPAA Management. Over time, demand grew in Atlanta, GA.

HamTECH Solutions’ number one goal was to help their clients be successful, and this is still the goal today. More recently, we discovered the need for more trained IT professionals in Macon. It is now HamTECH Solutions’ mission to raise exceptional talent while increasing efficiency and security for its clients.


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Ariane Parham

Managing Member

Christèle Parham

Business Development Consultant

Creative Director