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7 Reason Why You Shouldn't Do HIPAA Training

Updated: May 26, 2022

HIPAA requires individuals and business associates who work with Protected Health Information (PHI) to perform training.

If you were like other kids growing up, you either rebelled or hesitated when adults told you to do something.

That inner child may say, "why do I have to do HIPAA training? We do it every year, and it is the same thing, same topics."

I am borrowing this idea from another creator, who borrowed this methodology from another person. Instead of looking at why you should do HIPAA training, let's go over why you shouldn't.

7 Reasons why you shouldn't do HIPAA Training:

  1. HIPAA training is too expensive

  2. Our practice is too small to get hacked

  3. We did HIPAA Training Last Year

  4. Only the doctors need HIPAA training

  5. Our Doctors work at the hospital, and so they get trained there

  6. Our staff members know how to work really good on the computer

  7. We are too busy

  8. Bonus: Patient care is more important than spending time on this

  9. Another Bonus: Even the government has gotten hacked, and so will I, so what is the point

If you have heard someone say any of the things above, HIPAA training is needed now more than ever.

HIPAA Training in 2022 is much different than the training in 1999. Cyber attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated.

If you have noticed, none of the reasons listed above are good. We could go over why. Maybe in another article.

To be continued... but don't wait. Get trained now.

We are offering the same training included with our other offerings for free. That is how much we care about you and becoming a HIPAA compliant.

Don't put it off any longer:

Check out why we decided to offer HIPAA Cybersecurity Training for Free:

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