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Cybercriminal activity is at an all-time high! Hospitals, private practices, businesses, and retail shops are all being targeted.


Often smaller entities with limited technology budgets, don’t have the expertise, resources, or time to fight against these attacks. 


Let us help you fight against phishing, ransomware, and other malware attacks.


For healthcare organizations, there is an ever-increasing need to comply with mounting regulations and mandates to secure patient information. If a medical organization fails to adhere to HIPAA, the impact can be devastating. Violations for offenses can lead to fines and possibly jail time.


Business associates of medical practices can also be liable if they maintain, store, or transmit medical records. HamTECH Solutions can help make compliance feel possible. We have experience with security and compliance. It comes down to understanding and mitigating risks. We assist our clients with:


  • Securing medical records

  • Cybersecurity best practices

  • Securing the network and communications

  • Ongoing assessments, remediation, and training

Brain Scans

IT Support

We know that most businesses rely on technology and downtime is not an option. How often have days lingered and productivity loss because of a computer error or slowness? It is frustrating!


HamTECH Solutions offers a wide range of tech support options that include proactive monitoring and consultation to prevent downtime and hardware issues. We troubleshoot networks, software, desktop computers, laptops, and more.
Let HamTECH Solutions support your technology needs.

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Web Design

More and more people, regardless of age, are using the Internet and Smartphones to search for health-related illnesses and lookup business reviews. Each time someone searches for your service or product the organization offers, your name should come up.


Why leave your patients and customers in the dark or send them to your competitors?


HamTECH Solutions wants to tell your story...

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